2021.12.31-Bitcoin until today, how should we look at it?

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Tiantu’s current 15EMA moving average is not far from the original. The next step, we will turn our attention to how the next 15EMA could have Bitcoin and continue the decline.

Bitcoin 4 hours

You can see it clearly in 4 hours, it is showing a rise today, but it is still below the green line support back pressure indicator and strong recovery from the second backtest.

Let’s see for the first time whether the following problems can contain this drop.

Recently, our short signals usually show the horizontal red line, the upper red horizontal line has very strong vibration, and the lower red horizontal line has very weak vibration.

So in general there are three main points of protection.

1. Tiantu’s 15EMA moving average protection

2. The green 4 hour support line is otherwise reversible.

Removed central red axis for 3-4 hours.

Judging by the three key points above, Bitcoin’s current selling model remains the same.

Climbing or running higher is necessary because the fall cannot be as effective and efficient. So you have to pull more or hold the needle!

The key is to control your greed, not to bet on hard work, to try to trade as slowly as possible, and to leave enough space to protect the bait and shortfall. pin.

In general, it makes more sense to leave every loss in 1% of your total investment.

After you have managed your risk well, all you have to do is hang on to the downside!